We are Certified Green Builders, knowledgeable and experienced in environmentally sound building practices and products. With our expertise, we can help the owner and design team choose the best available green alternatives to:

Conserve natural resources

Revitalizing an older home rather than tearing down and building new is a major way to conserve resources. Building with high quality materials and methods, reduces the frequency of repairs and replacements thereby reducing the waste of resources and costs over the long run. We buy our lumber from certified managed forests and recycle/repurpose our construction waste.

Increase energy efficiency

We can perform a whole house energy analysis to help you to determine your most efficient and cost effective energy saving choices. Common energy savers include: insulated low-e windows, Energy Star appliances, radiant heating, high efficiency forced air heating, whole house fans and natural ventilation, proper insulation and weather stripping systems. Other options for reduced energy consumption include solar hot water and photovoltaic systems, wind powered electrical generation, passive solar designs and water pumping (in rural locations).


Improve indoor air quality

As we become more aware of the hazards of many substances in newly built home environments, safer alternatives continue to appear in the marketplace. Throughout the worksite we use products that have no or low toxicity.

Achieve the best of the best

Through continuing education and market research we keep ourselves informed of current developments and analyze which new products and systems afford a high standard of quality and longevity at a reasonable benefit/cost ratio. In this way we can offer our clients the best choices available.